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Kevin Mackey

Who is Kevin Mackey I am a gardener( I have the greenest thumb and am currently in love with orchids), organic green coffee roaster ( daily active meditation, dog lover. Cerbo community member,  I am someone who helps out as the CTO for Functional Medicine SF , Modern Thyroid Clinic, who have been in Cerbo since the beginning, an executive medical business consultant (Leverage your degree to live the life you want) and one of the founders of FxMedSupport ( “Doctors who own their own business spend too much money on routine tasks. We lower those costs to save them money”, an integrated Cerbp Application that connects to all other applications –
I am a community builder trying to first teach how the Cerbo EHR by MD HQ tool if used as intended is so powerful, but then if tweaked a bit is well, just a bit more amazing.

In short, I’m here to help all the providers, business owners, and investors  make more money with an easier workflow and lower overhead while leveraging the best amazing EHR Cerbo EHR by MD HQ 
And other major applications

My Office

If instructed, you can use this link to join my personal Zoom Room.